NHS Websites – There are a lot of them…

This post is as much for my benefit as anyone elses, the NHS have umpteen different websites, many of which have “News” sections, however very few of these have RSS feeds, so it is very hard to keep up to date with them.  If  I make a list of them here, hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with some of them. Wikipedia also do a good job of describing how they all fit together.

First of all, the websites I look at regularly -

NHS Grampian

NHS Grampian – Latest News This is a good place to keep an eye out for upcoming public consultations, you can also find out about Board Meetings (which are open to the public).

NHS Grampian – Links A useful list of links, both local and national.

NHS Choices – Online health information, the information here is good, but you need to keep clicking through different tabs to get more information which annoys me.

NHS Choices – Behind the Headlines One of my favourite websites, in depth analysis of the research that makes it’s way into the mainstream press.

ISD – Scotland – Another very useful website, statistics on health for Scotland.

Other NHS websites I look at occasionally

NHS24 Scotland – This is different from NHS direct England, I’m not sure how, or why, but you can search for services by postcode. They also have online health information.

SHOW – Scotland’s Health on the Web – This is another NHS website, that lists lots of other NHS websites in their introduction, a good place to look if you’re trying to find a specific website.

NHS National Services Scotland – Deal with things on a national level like blood transfusion,  health statistics, communicable diseases and screening.

NHS Education for Scotland – Professional development for people working in the NHS

healthscotland – An agency set up to improve public health in Scotland.

NHS Quality Improvment Scotland – Publishes reports into cleanliness etc.

NHS Scotland – Recruitment – The NHS is Scotland’s biggest employer, you can find out more about job vacancies here.

Related Health Websites

Scottish Health Council – This website has information on patient and public involvement, they produce a regular newsletter called Connect.

Aberdeenshire Community Planning – Newsletters – Community planning often advertise health consultations, for example a new system of signs at Foresterhill or consultations on cancer care.  You can also download a newsletter called NOAH – North Aberdeenshire Health.

This list is no exhaustive, so if you use any other NHS websites regularly let me know and I’ll add them.


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